||meet miss red

HELLO, HELLO! I’m Andrea. A sassy redhead with a Midwestern accent. I’m so thrilled to hang out with you here at Miss Red Loves. We’re going to have fun together, I can tell…

image1 (1)

Photo Credit: Lindsay Aschenbrener

If we’re going to be spending some time together on this blog, then it’s only fair I share a few random facts about myself so…

Things you should know about me:

  1. I like clothes and I like to be well dressed. Some people love that about me. Other people prefer to see me as “that girl that dresses too fancy for living in the middle of nowhere”. You can pick whichever of those two people you would like to be.

  2. I’m from Wisconsin which means I love all things Wisconsin. This includes: beer, the Packers, and cheese (in no particular order). Although the last meal I do want before I die is a cheese plate wait with beer too…no wait with wine. Gah choices. I also am a wine enthusiast!

  3. I’m an Interior Designer. I have a degree in Interior Architecture and do construction design for a very large retail company. This means I know how to use a lead pencil, an architect’s ruler and AutoCAD.

  4. I don’t like to cook. (The world gasps!). Although I can make some mean crockpot dishes, I’d be perfectly fine with someone cooking for me for the rest of my life. On the contrary I do love to bake. Wait maybe it’s because I actually know how to bake. Hmm interesting…

  5. I love to write and I love to write in a witty fashion. If I didn’t go to college for design I would have pursued journalism. I love that Miss Red Blog gives me the creative outlet to write and share things that make me happy.

  6. I love to travel. Oh boy. If only I didn’t have all those student loans, insurance payments, and adult problems I keep running into, I’d probably have all those continents crossed off by now. Luckily my job gives me an opportunity to travel and I love sharing any adventures I embark on here!

Things you don’t need to know about me:

  1. My views on politics. You won’t find that here.

Who takes most of my photos?

When I’m not snapping my photos myself, this lady below does! I’m so thankful I have a friend that takes time out of her busy schedule to help me share the things I love on Miss Red.  Thank you Lindsay!

Why was this blog created?

One day some of my friends were like “Dude you need to just start a blog. ” and I was like “Dude you know what I really should.” (Also I say dude a lot…it’s not ladylike at all). And then it happened. I created Miss Red Loves on a whim one day to help with my extensive need to share things I enjoy.  Whether what I share is big or small I hope you’ll find something to take away from the things I love in life to make your day a little brighter. And if not there is always wine…

wine tasting



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