A few months ago I took the plunge and decided it was time I tried ordering eyeglasses online.


I’ve been a four eyes since I was in middle school. Glasses definitely weren’t the cutest thing to wear growing up so I’m so glad that eyeglasses trends/styles keep improving. I’ve been noticing so many stylish frames online compared to selections in the eye clinic that I really wanted to give it a shot.

Why? What if they were completely off the charts in terms of style, color, shape and fit and I couldn’t return them? Man to pay for them, end up hating them, and not getting to return them would just suck. If I couldn’t find a place that offered some type of return system where I didn’t lose all my money, then I wasn’t going to do it.

Here is my experience with online ordering with BonLook.

Why I chose BonLook:

My friend Allison showed me this Canadian brand and I can’t thank her enough for doing so. I didn’t even know where to start when it came ordering eyeglasses online, so it was nice to have some opinions from people.

  1. Their frames are fashion forward, up keeping with trends and I really truly wanted them all.

  2. They were still more affordable than eyeglasses ordered at a clinic. I usually end up pay over $300 dollars for glasses at a clinic, but BonLook has glasses for around $100. That’s much more affordable for me. That includes the frames and the lenses! Also there is free shipping over $80.

  3. They accept FSA or HSA money. This was important to me too because if I’m going to have this money to use I wanted to make sure I could use it ordering glasses online.

  4. And lastly…FREE 30 DAY RETURNS!!! I honestly didn’t believe this until I actually experienced having to return one pair (keep reading for why). Even my friends didn’t believe the free returns when I told them. It was so easy to return and made me feel so much more comfortable when it came to buying frames.

My Experience: 

I decided to order two different pairs of glasses that I had my eye on. Honestly did you think I was going to through this whole post without an eye joke…silly you.

Emily Luciano-Ella Blush (pictured below)

Luxe Essential-Glory Gold Shadow

image1 (1).JPG



image3 (1)

It took me almost a week to decide which ones I wanted because there were sooooooo many fun pairs. Ordering was EASY! During the process they will ask for your prescription which you can fill out right online. You can obtain your current prescription any time from your eye doctor. They will also ask that you attach a photo to help determine your PD measurement if that is not provided. They will show you exactly how you should take this photo (which was also easy).

Once I submitted my order it took them about a day and a half to approve my order and then another 3 days to process them. Within a week and a half I had my glasses at my door!

I brought both styles to work the next day and almost all my coworkers tried them on which was pretty great! I definitely wanted some opinions on the styles since they were different then what I’ve had in the past. Thank you coworkers!

I really loved the look of the Ella Blush and knew I wanted to keep these. They’re a fun pair to have when I don’t need to wear a more serious pair.


Unfortunately I didn’t care for the Glory Gold Shadow pair once they were on my face.  These frames had nose pads which I haven’t had in years. They sat too far away from my face and didn’t sit on my nose correctly. They looked really great though on some of my other coworkers who have a different face shape than me. I think one of my coworkers even considered ordering them!

Here’s where I finally got to experience this whole FREE RETURNS bit and see if it was just as magical as it seemed. Sure enough it was so easy to do and had me feeling worry free! All I had to do was go on their website and request a refund and explain why I wanted to return them. I noted that the glasses did not fit well on my face due to the nose pieces. They approved my refund request within a day and a half and emailed me a shipping label. I boxed up the pair and dropped them off at UPS. Within 2 weeks the money was back into my account.

I had such a great experience with BonLook that it took no longer than a day later to order another pair that I liked.

Luxe Essential-Illusion Glory Gold Shadow


image2 (1)

Eye would truly recommend this company. (Sorry I’ll stop now with my awful eye jokes).

Discover more of BonLook here 

Photography Credits: Lindsay Aschenbrener



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