Let me put it this way. I literally gasped when I tried theses pair of Rubberband Strech skinnies on. The kind of gasp where you think you may have found your jean sole mate (if there even is such a thing).

I’m definitely one of those people that hates jean shopping, hates trying on jeans, and hates spending money on jeans. Hence, I hardly ever buy them. I own about three pairs of jeans because I’m so picky about them. Perhaps until I recently discovered these…

Three reason why I’m crushing on these jeans:

  1. Ummm the first is obvious…they stretch! It says it right on the jeans and it’s true. I don’t care for a stiff pair of jeans (really who does) so the stretch makes for zero of that.

  2. They feel like I’m wearing yoga pants. Yes. I just said that. It’s one of the reasons I gasped. I mean really isn’t that just about ever girls dream to feel like their wearing yoga pants when they can’t (like for my casual Friday’s at work). By far the softest jeans I’ve ever tried on.

  3. They come in a thousand different colors and styles. Different look. Same great fit.

Shop more of Rubberband Stretch here.

||Style Details

Rubberband Stretch Sarina Skinny in Hurricane//Express Tank (similar here)//Old Navy Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal in New Taupe//Nickel and Suede Leather Earrings in Smokey Eye (similar color here)//BonLook Illusion in Gold Shadow Eyeglasses

Much love,








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