Happy Monday friends! I’m dubbing today as Makeup Monday.

I’m so eager to share with you my first Ispy Glam Bag! I finally decided to pull the plug and test out Ipsy. In each “Peek in my Glam Bag?” segment I’ll rate and review the products I receive. You’ll find out how well they worked for me, whether I would recommend the product to a friend, how often I would wear them and where to buy them in case you want to try them yourself.

Ipsy May Glam Bag
Before we get to the products let me answer some questions you may have about Ipsy…

First of all, what is Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly subscription to receive beauty products in deluxe samples sizes or even full product sizes.

How much does it cost? Just $10 a month!

Can I skip months? You sure can!!

How many products do I get? You’ll receive 5 products a month all based on the quiz you take when you create your account. They will arrive in an adorable make-up bag (which will come in handy to travel with).

treStiQue Lip Crayon In Tuscan Wine

treStique Lip Crayon

My first thoughts: I don’t really wear lip color very much (I usually play up my eyes) so I wasn’t sure if this was something I’d even wear. However! After giving it a shot, I was presently surprised how much I liked it. The color was much less Christmas red and much more sangria red. It has more coral in the color which I like for summer and it paired well with my skin tone.

Did the product work well for me? Yes! Lightweight and not messy (which is why I usually don’t wear lipstick). It was easy to apply. I’ve tried other lip crayons (such as Nars) and didn’t care for the application, look and feeling.

How often would I wear this? Maybe once a week, mostly because I don’t always like a bold lip. The color definitely made me feel pretty though for summer which I love! I’d be interested in a couple other colors.

Recommend to my friends? Yes, to the ones who love lip color (like my sister). It is on the pricier end, but worth it for those that would wear it often.

Overall Rating: 4/5 (only because of the higher cost!)

Where to shop: Buy Me Here

Adesse New York Nail Polish in Surfer Girl

Adesse Surfer Girl

My first thoughts: Ooooo! That’s a pretty blue! I’ve never had a nail color in this blue (which is surprising because I hoard polish), so I was really excited when this showed up.

Did the product work well for me? The color is just as pretty on. I’m going to like wearing this through the rest of spring and all summer. I used two coats which covered fairly well. It is slightly streaky in some spots which I think would be prevented by using a base coat. I really like the handle which I know is kinda weird, but it’s important to have a good grip when painting. I also like that it is a gel polish. I can already tell it will hold up better than others.

How often would I wear this? My nails are rarely bare. This color I think I’ll be wearing half the summer especially on my toes.

Recommend to my friends? Maybe. It’s $18 a pop which is way on the high end for me, but to those that love their nails painted it could be worth it. They do have different colors which I really like so I’d maybe splurge on a really great color.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Overall I really like it, but I wish the price was a little bit more affordable. My nails are super hard and have not dented or chipped, but I feel like it shouldn’t streak at all for the price. I’d be curious to try it with a base coat.

Where to shop: Buy Me Here

Urban Decay Powder Highlighter in Sin

Urban Decay Highlighting Powder

My first thoughts: I never use highlighter, but have heard people that have love it. I liked the idea of it being a powder compared to a cream.

Did the product work well for me? Love, love love this! So pretty and I’m excited to use this most of the summer. I applied it above my blush (up my cheekbone), on the bridge of my nose, above my eye lids (I’d even use it on the corner’s of my eyes) and on my cupids bow. It definitely gives my skin a slight pretty glow in all the right spots.

How often would I wear this? Daily. I even see myself wearing this without any other make up during this summer to just give my skin a natural glow.

Recommend to my friends? YES! Like I said, I loved that it was a powder. It’s not messy and doesn’t feel heavy on your face.

Overall Rating: 5/5 It delivered and the price is what I would expect to pay for a really good product. I would use this daily so I would definitely consider buying this in the future.

Where to shop: Buy Me Here

Jelly Pong Pong Eyeshadow in Electric

Jelly Pong Pong Eyeshadow

My first thoughts: These colors! (I’ve said that a lot in this post, but it’s true). Get on my eyes right now! I showed this to my sister immediately and her reaction was the same as mine. OOOooooooo!!!

Did the product work well for me? Yes. It didn’t crease over the course of the day (which is the worst!) and the colors both worked so well with my skin tone. The only thing I wished was for another darker brown in the palette! It’s nice to know this comes in another set of colors which has a darker brown. It works well with a brush or even your fingers.

How often would I wear this? Daily. I’ll probably be wearing this until it’s gone. I’m hoping they come out with more colors!

Recommend to my friends? Yes. I know multiple people I would recommend this too and I think the color would look great on so many different skin tones.

Overall Rating: 5/5. Gimme more.

Where to shop: Buy Me Here

Luxie Beauty Foundation Brush

Luxie Foundation Brush

My first thoughts: I haven’t worn a liquid foundation for a year and a half. Ever since my skin cleared up I use a mineral foundation. I was curious to see what type of application I would use this for.

Did the product work well for me? I didn’t care to use it to apply my mineral foundation. I wouldn’t say it’s meant for something like that. I used it to apply my blush which I think worked well, but I also think that many less expensive brushes do the same job.

How often would I use this? Daily because I have it now and because I was due for a new blush brush anyways.

Recommend to my friends? Hmmm maybe if you use liquid foundation. I could see it working well with that, but for the cost I wouldn’t really recommend.

Overall Rating: 3/5. It’s pretty, soft and made my blush look good, but I’m not quite sold yet. Perhaps trying their other brushes would help.

Where to shop: Buy Me Here

Sign up to become an Ipsy Subscriber by clicking the link here.

Stay tuned for upcoming glam bag months!

Much love,



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