Oh my. Olivine Atelier. Your products are a dream. I have been raving about Olivine Atelier Love+Salt spray since last summer. You might remember me talking about it in this quick blog post I did here. This is my top sea salt spray to apply on wet hair. I was quick to order more. I decided to order their box set to give another one of their products a try and it was yet again a success.



Here are 5 reasons to try Olivine Atelier

  1. THE SCENT. These products smell like you never want to stop smelling them. Yes that good. Their delightfully refreshing and not too overwhelming. I love how it gives off a clean vibe, but with a slight floral scent.

  2. THEY COME IN DIFFERENT SIZES. When products come in multiple sizes that is a plus for me. Test them out in 2oz mini sizes or if you adore them grab the big 8oz bottle. The smaller sizes are also perfect for traveling! You can even find sample sizes here.

  3. THEY’RE VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE. The animals are happy and you will be too.

  4. THEY HAVE A VARIETY OF PRODUCTS. From your hair to your body to your face, these pretty (and effective!) products will have you feeling beautiful from head to toe.

  5. THEY ACTUALLY WORK! These products have delivered! As I’ve said before, the sea salt spray (Love+Salt) is unlike any other. It does not leave your hair sticky, crunchy or literally full of salt like many others. You’ll get touchable beach waves without having to dip your head in the ocean. And let’s not forget it doubles as a body mist. Love+Roses leaves you feeling like you just rolled in a bunch of well…blush roses. Dreamy no doubt. And I love that I can use this on my hair or face for any added moisture. I think the Amongst the Waves Lotion and the Eau de Parfum Sample Set will be next to hop in my shopping cart.

Shop Love+Salt in 8oz or 2oz mini here

Shope Love+Roses in 8oz or 2oz mini here

Shop the ‘You are Loved’ box set here

Shop all their collections here 

In the words of Olivine Atelier herself “You are Beautiful”




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