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||Desk Design: 4 Easy Ways to a Good Looking Work Space


Since I’m at my job five days a week for countless hours, I’m determined to make my work space feel pretty (and functional!). Honestly, it’s where I seem to spend most of my life so I want to enjoy the space I’m working on. Since we moved into a new office, I’ve been slowly trying to find ways to fancy up my simple white desk. Here are four easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up your work space.

Print a Calendar


A year ago I bought this clipboard calendar from the dollar section in Target. It’s simple, good looking, and functional. This year I printed my own calendar pages. Just Google or Pinterest free printable calendars and you’ll be set. Cheap, effective, and the creativity is yours for what you want it to look like.  Target still has this clipboard calendar (and separate calendar pages!) in their dollar section if you prefer this one instead.

Fancy File Folders


Pick a theme, pick a pattern, pick a color…seriously endless creativity for this one too. Target (surprise there!) has so many lovely and inexpensive options to choose from. They also have fun patterns in the hanging file folder option if you really want to go wild.

Floral Print Folders

Blush + White Striped Folders

Mint + Gold Hanging Folders (also in non hanging in stores)

Spray paint your pen holder…or your stapler…or really anything


When we were in our old office I really wanted to make my desk space better looking.  I literally went nuts and spray painted my pen holder, file folder holder, my stapler, my scissors…(you name it!). You can do anything with a can of spray paint. Go find some cheap old desk supplies (think Goodwill!) and jazz them up with a coat of your favorite color.

If you’re not feeling as adventurous to paint them snag this already gilded gold stapler found here with a matching gold pencil holder found here.

Throw around your favorite sayings


Whether it’s inspirational or funny (though work appropriate obviously), print off a few of your favorite sayings to pin up or frame. Sometimes you need to just remind yourself to have a happy day even when it flat out sucks and you want to go home.

Toodles! and as I always say…”work hard so you can travel harder”.



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