I’ve finally been giving podcast a shot for the past year.  Better late than never, but I know I’m not the only podcast newbie.  I’ll say I was completely skeptical of them until I tried a few out. I usually change the station when people start talking on the radio, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like listening to people just talk the entire time. Turns out it’s like Netflix for your ears and they are easy to multitask to. I find myself listening to them in the car, when I’m working, or just cleaning my apartment.

There are endless ones available, but here are the ones my ears have been loving up on lately.


Murder mystery. Highly addicting. Maybe don’t listen to it before going to bed…

This series has been around for a couple years and it’s definitely worth still listening too. I feel like even if you’re not a huge murder mystery buff (say you didn’t really want to watch Making a Murderer), you still find yourself wanting to know what happens. You can definitely get caught up in this one just like a Neflix series. Thanks to my friend Erin for convincing me to listen to this one (and getting me addicted to podcasts in general!).

Young House Love has a podcast

I just recently started listening to the Young House Love podcast. This couple runs a very popular blog.  I love that the episodes are short (only 20-30 mins) so they are easy to squeeze in on my drive to or from work. Sherry and John are so random, but deliver such fun views on design, diy and everyday life. They are lighthearted and genuine people. They feel like the couple next door.

Here to Make Friends: A Bachelor Recap Show

If you’re a Bachelor/Bachelorette show lover (whether you watch it for the love aspect or for the absolute humor) you’ll rather enjoy this podcast.  Claire and Emma basically blurt out everything you’re thinking of during each episode. They’re so blunt. I love it.  I find myself laughing so much because in reality what they say is pretty true. I look forward to their witty reviews every week.

Surprisingly Awesome

Probably one of the most random podcasts I have found (thanks to the Young House Love podcast!) and probably why I love it. This podcast takes odd things you think are boring like…cardboard, mattresses or pigeons and discovers random facts and information that makes them well…surprisingly awesome. Who saw that coming.

Off Camera with Sam Jones

My sister Elizabeth just introduced me to this one. Sam interviews celebrities. But this isn’t like your average interview. ‘Off camera’ delivers more a conversation approach rather than non-stop Q&A.  I love being able to take a deeper looking into the lives of these successful people and how they ended up where they are. I also enjoy that he interviews a wide range of people (actors/actresses, athletes, musicians and writers).

Happy Listening!




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