My Grandma Wolf used to always tell me, “Your hair is your crowning glory”. I always loved that and I know it’s probably one of the reasons I learned to love my hair growing up.  If you don’t care about your hair, then perhaps you should go read my post on fluffy french toast. I made some this morning and it was scrumptious. But if you do care about your locks, keep reading.


Now this is going to seem like a fairy tale, but really it’s true. Imagine you walk into Target and your favorite celebrity hairstylist just created the dream collection of luxurious affordable hair care (YES! I said luxurious+affordable!).  This is not a joke people. I’ve been following Kristin Ess on Instagram and The Beauty Department for years. Basically I just want us to both be ginger friends and have her do my hair every day, but I know the reality of that is a bit far fetched. First of all she lives in L.A. and I live in WI…So, I’m just cool with the fact that my hair gets to use her new line of products! It took all my will power to not load up my entire red cart with all 15 products (I like having good hair okay…). Kristin Ess, who is known for styling hair for Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Jenna Dewan Tatum (I mean seriously who doesn’t want to have hair like Channing Tatum’s wife…), designed the ultimate hair care family full of all the essentials and more!

The bottles aren’t just pretty looking, they’re color coated for a reason. Blush for Cleanse+Condition, white for Restore, gray for Wet Styling (which I have yet to try), and black for Dry Styling+Finishing.

My favorite things so far about this collection? 

  1. The scent! A mix of floral and sweetness that’s not over perfumy and lasts for days. Don’t be surprised if people start smelling your hair…just take it as a compliment.

  2. Umm hello! The price!! Kristin nailed this one right on the head (see what I just did there…). The products range from $10-$14. So whether you buy one or multiple, you don’t feel like you’re breaking the bank.

  3. Everything so far really is weightless! I’ve tried many different hair products, from drugstore brands to high end salon products, and until now I had yet to find so many weightless products. These give you movement in a completely good way.

Below are my reviews of the items I’ve tried so far (Hint: I’ll definitely be adding more to my red cart).


What I’ve tried? Signature Shampoo + Signature Conditioner ($10 each)


Why I tried it? I’m a believer that your hair care starts in the shower with cleaning it. I like that it’s for all hair types. I honestly hate trying to figure out what shampoo and conditioner to buy. It’s exhausting. Too many to chose from. Just give me one option! This is it. No need to shuffle through endless bottles of them.

Why I love it? My hair truly felt clean and didn’t feel like I had soap build up. The last thing I want is my hair to feel like there is still my shampoo in the roots. It also lathers up a lot without having to use much of the product which is a win for sure. This will last you awhile! The conditioner left me with just enough smoothness. I also loved that when I blow dried my hair it was completely flip-able (that’s probably not even a word, but the point is I could whip my hair back and forth) and full of volume already.

Which C+C products I’ll try next? The reconstructive moisture mask. This can be used once a week to really lock in extra moisture. I don’t have very dry hair, but here in Wisconsin the air is super dry during the winter which can take a toll on mine. I’d love to use this during the dry months or when I’m traveling to dryer places (like Arizona where I fancy at to see family multiple times of year).


What I’ve tried? Leave-In Conditioner ($10) + Working Serum ($14)


Why I tried it (Leave-In Conditioner)? I have never used a leave-in conditioner before. Which seems really weird because as many know I’m obsessed with my locks. Kristin recommended this to me for static control. Once again the dry winter hair gives me static. I hate that. If Kristin herself was recommending it, I was bound to try it.

Why I loved it (Leave-In Conditioner)? I think my static days are long gone! This has definitely done the trick and I will be going back for more of this. I’d say my first leave-in conditioner try was a success. For any of you with curly hair that tangles give this one a chance!

Why I tried it (Working Serum)? This one was really a major test of her products for me. I’ve tried serums in the past thinking they will help with frizz, dryness and shine and they end up being sticky, heavy, and overall just really gross to use.

Why I loved it (Working Serum)? The first thing I noticed about this product was the consistency. Sticky? NO. Heavy? NO. Gross? Oh heck no!! This product gave me shiny ends, tamed down second day hair frizz, and DID NOT leave my hair feeling like a disgusting mess. I love that the product just disappears into my hair from my palms in a matter of seconds. Exactly how a serum should work!

Dry Styling +Finishing

What I tried? Working Texture Spray ($14) + Beach Wave Spray ($14)


Why I tried it (Working Texture Spray)? I discovered texture spray a year ago and tried a few. Most of them left my hair really heavy, sticky, and/or gritty. I wasn’t impressed. After a few tries I just stopped buying them because it seemed like a waste of my money. BUT! When you’re favorite hairstylist creates one…you give it another shot!

Why I loved it (Working Texture Spray)? No grit, weightless, AND does exactly what it’s supposed to do. This texture spray gives just enough hold, adds volume, and gives you those matte waves that Lucy Hale always has. This will definitely be a staple product when I have a bob or lob. It gives you perfect imperfect waves. I’ll also be using it for fuller ponytails, wavy half updos, and even braids.

Why I tried it (Beach Wave Spray)? I feel like I’m repeating myself, but it’s true. Most beach wave sprays I’ve tried leave my hair crunchy or sticky. If that’s what beach waves are supposed to be like, I’m not sure why I’d want to go to the beach then. I took this one to the test to compare with my favorite beach wave spray Love+Salt.

Why I loved it (Beach Wave Spray)? Unlike most beach wave sprays this is meant to use on dry hair to give the waves you create that relaxed beach look. I think that alone was why I loved it well and of course it didn’t leave my hair crunchy or sticky. I’m a night shower-er, so by the next morning my hair is already dry and ready to style. I hate sleeping on wet hair, which was one thing I didn’t care for when I used Love+Salt. I love that I can still create those relaxed beach waves the next morning on my dry waves. I can’t wait to use this in the summer! Will I still use Love+Salt? Yes! but only when I want to use it on wet hair during the day for a fast look or if I’m fresh out of the water and my hair needs some love.

What DS+F products I’ll try next? The dry shampoo is for sure up next when I run out of my current. I love dry shampoo! It makes second day hair so much easier to work with. I have been trying so many different ones over the past year and I love to compare. I’m eager to see what Kristin’s has in store for me. Of course I want to try the finish spray. That’s another type of product I want to compare with my other favorites. I also can’t wait to use the loose styling powder. This one may just be the trick to creating all those perfect braids I want!

As I said, I have yet to use any of the wet styling products, but I have no doubt they will end up under my bathroom sink. I’m very curious about the thickening spray and the volumizing mousse. Find the details on the wet styling items here.

Visit kristinesshair.com to view more on the products, watch her easy tutorials and #hairgoals for some hair inspiration.

If there is one thing that’s for sure…Kristin’s got your hair covered.



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