I love the look of greens in a house.  It’s an easy way to give life to a room. I just moved to a new apartment this past month so I’m super excited to start some DIY projects up for the new digs. First up is this pretty eucalyptus wreath.


Why use eucalyptus?

  1. It smells amazing! I’m already loving the fresh earthy smell of my apartment with this in it.

  2. It’s an easy color to match with your decor. You can’t go wrong with muted natural green in any color palette.

  3. It’s inexpensive! That’s a bonus in itself.

I think I made this in all of 15 minutes.

What you’ll need (seriously just three things):

-wooden wreath (size of your choice) I found mine at Michaels.

-bulk of eucalyptus (This I also found at Michaels. I grabbed the biggest bundle as you’ll see below, but your amount will depend on how full you want your wreath to be.)

-scissors of course!



Begin cutting the eucalyptus into pieces about 6-8 inches. You’ll also want to cut off the tops of the eucalyptus. These fuller pieces will be used to complete the wreath and help it look extra full.


The main thing to keep in mind when creating this wreath is to insert the eucalyptus around the shape of the wreath so that the pieces flow in a circle. Insert the pieces in the same direction and you’ll begin to see this type of pattern form. It’s really that simple.


Once you get about 80% of the wreath done you’ll want to stop using the individual pieces and use the fuller pieces you cut off the top.


Use one or two of these pieces to complete the last of the wreath.



Complete the look of your wreath by adding more “tops” around the wreath to give it the fullness you desire. Just remember to continue to insert them with the flow of the wreath.

 AND VOILA! Enjoy the prettiness!




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