You guys!! I’m finally hitting the air again these next two weeks! Florida this week. Trinidad the next. Back in April I did a post on packing tricks which you can find here But in honor of finally getting back on the flight scene, I thought it might be fitting to share with y’all my travel advice beyond how I pack my shoes and such (which is still important!).  I’ve had my fair share of flights over the years and I’ve learned my do’s and don’ts along the way.


DO wear comfy clothes. I’ve tried to mash up the perfect combination of comfy and cute when I travel. It’s not always the exact same thing, but I often wear the following:

Leggings. (Skinny jeans happen often too, but can be super uncomfortable on long flights.)

Cotton tank/tee and long cardigan. Layers people! If I can, I usually skip a jacket and opt for a thicker cardigan. Less bulky, but can still keep me warm. It’s also easier to throw in my luggage if I don’t want to wear it.

Scarf!! You can’t always guarantee that the flight (or airport for that matter) will be warm or have blankets so I always travel with a scarf for a substitute.

Comfy flats or sneakers. Nobody wants to run in uncomfortable shoes through the airport unless they have to.

DON’T only pack clothes in your checked luggage and not your carry-on. I always ALWAYS pack an extra pair of clothes or two in my carry-on luggage. I have this fear that as soon as I drop off my luggage at baggage claim that I’ll never see it again. Packing an extra outfit in my carry-on makes me feel somewhat better if my luggage doesn’t end up at my destination.

DO moisturize. Cabin pressure can have great dehydrating effects on you.  I always moisturize my face before and during the plane ride to ensure I don’t have dead dry skin when we land. You can find my favorite moisturizer here. I’ll also constantly slather on lip balm or Aquaphor so my pout isn’t dry either. My favorite lip balm is here and I love this tinted one here.

DON’T overdo it on the carry-on bags. I HATE going through the airport with a ton of luggage. I always try to limit my size of carry-ons. I pack at least one bag whether it’s a tote or my small luggage, but then I’ll skip my giant handbag and opt for a small cross body.  It’s so much easier dashing through the airport to catch your flight if you don’t have so many bulky bags. You can find my favorite cross body bag here and I love that this one can become a clutch. Kills two birds with one stone!

DO get yourself an external battery charger. I’m an Interior Designer so it’s incredibly irritating when I walk into the airport and there are literally no electrical outlets in site. Why some airports are not flourished with outlets these days in beyond me. Anyways…I bought an external battery charger when I first began to travel just for this reason. I love my Mophie which you can find here. It always works great on the plane if I’m not blessed with a plane with a plug in or usb port.

Find my similar Diane Von Furstenberg luggage here.

Wheels Up! Catch you soon.



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