Hello All!  It’s your annoying Fall obsessed friend here! Did you hear the news?? Fall official started yesterday! Yesterday people!! Which is pretty much irrelevant to me since I started celebrating a month ago (Yes. I’m one of those people..). I can’t help it. This time of year always shines in Wisconsin. Oh how I love that I live in a world where there are Falls. So beside my mini Autumn rant, my point really of this post  is…WITH A NEW SEASON COMES A NEW WARDROBE. YES!


When this crisp weather season rolls around I always pull out some staples to wear.

  1. a long cardigan

  2. a belt

  3. something pumpkin spice



fall-look-1I think that you literally can’t go wrong in life with belting a long cardigan. Okay so maybe I shouldn’t be handing out life advice BUT nevertheless try this classic look.   I don’t save lives people but maybe I can save you from a bad outfit. People who see me almost daily (aka my coworkers), know that this is always my go to Fall look that I always carry into Winter. So simple and so put together. Essentially what I’m saying is I’ve started to hoard long cardigans and belts (Side Note: The only thing I really hoard is clothes and what’s so wrong with that…).

I also find myself traveling in this look by ditching the heels for some flats or swamping jeans for some leggings.

Ahh and let’s not forget something pumpkin spice is always nice (honestly did you think I would go this whole post without saying that..).  I love my pumpkin spice Michael Kors handbag. It was my first “I’m making it in the real world so I deserve a designer handbag” handbag. Really nice excuse I know. I bought it two seasons ago and it’s stuck with me every Fall since. In case you’re unaware redheads can rarely pull off an all orange look which is why I always love to add this color as an accessory.


Photography Credits: Lindsay Aschenbrener

||Style Details

Victoria’s Secret Cardigan//Old Navy Jeans//Nine West pumps//Michael Kors Handbag//Nickel and Suede Leather Weave Earrings

May your style be set for Fall.

Infinite x’s and pumpkin spice lattes to y’all.



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