Summertime. It’s finally here!..for at least three months in Wisconsin anyways. And it’s all fun and games until you realize you don’t get three months of summer vacation anymore. Boo…I know. Of course I’m heading to work every morning instead of heading to the beach, but once the weekend hits I’m all over all things summer. And these simple things below are saving me from the summer sun and heat and saving me from going insane when I can’t be at the beach.

image1 (2)

Love + Salt Amongst the Waves

There is a reason this is first on my list…we’re in love with each other.  I decided to try this last week when I was in Arizona because my hair just doesn’t like Arizona nor does it really like the humidity of Wisconsin. I stumbled upon this product a year ago and thought “Aww what a pretty bottle! It has to be good!”. I finally gave this aquatic smelling sea salt spray from Anthropologie a whirl and I’v never felt more like I could be on Baywatch. I’ve tried multiple sea salt sprays and I’ve always had mixed feelings about them because they left my hair crunchy and less wavy.  This sea salt spray doesn’t disappoint and is so simple. Spray on damp hair and scrunch or let it dry after (like I do) and then braid or put in a bun before bed. You’ll wake up to soft and of course beach style waves which are perfect for the summer heat. I touch up a few pieces by wrapping them around a curling iron and spritzing a little more for some added volume. Also drum roll…it doubles as a body mist. I mean if I can’t be at the beach at work at least I can smell like I am! I’m holding onto this in the winter when I’m wishing I was waist deep in sand.

Rodan + Fields Reverse SPF 50+

I’m what one would call porcelain. Yes I don’t exactly tan, but that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t be preventing skin damage. I’m a stickler for sunscreen for multiple reasons so let’s just say I’ve just about tried them all. In fact my family will likely clear out an entire sunscreen aisle. I love this SPF so much for my face that I carry it in my purse. It isn’t greasy, doesn’t clog pores, and for kicks it has a sweet citrus smell. R+F for the win!

Pretty much every sunhat…under the sun..

A sunhat may be my favorite thing to wear. I love sunhats. I would like to own all the sunhats in the world. It’s the perfect summer accessory that instantly makes me look put together when I didn’t want to do my hair (and of course it shades me!). I frequent in this one from H&M and my eyes are all over this one. Where to shop for the best ones…H&M, Morning Lavendar, Francescas, and the queen of sunhats Preston & Olivia.

The easiest summer drink you’ll ever make…

While vacationing in 120 degree heat last week I had a lot to think about…Like how can all the Arizonians survive in the summer days when it feels like car exhaust outside. Exhibit A below thanks to my sister Liz…

Tequila Sherbert

2 shots of tequila of your choice

2 cups of sherbert (flavor of your choice)

1/2 cup of Sprite or 7 Up

Blend together and top with an umbrella of course!

Congrats. You literally just made the easiest cocktail that will make you feel like you’re living in paradise.

This lipgloss that’s green..

This is you right now “She’s crazy. I’m not wearing green lipgloss.” Close but not quite. I hardly wear lipstick or lipgloss, but when spring and summer come around I find myself wanting a little color on my lips. Lipstick Queen (Frog Prince) discovered the perfect shade of pink for your lips. How? Well first off the product is literally green. I mean you literally put it on your lips and it’s green, but once you rub your lips together the product adapts accordingly to your PH and skintone giving you the perfect color of pink for your lips. Unique to you and hopefully the last frog you’ll have to put up to your lips…Find the lipgloss here and the lipstick here.

And lastly these new summer tunes I have on repeat…

Because the world is just happier with music people!

‘Brand New’ Ben Rector

‘Roll Up’ Fitz and the Tantrums

‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ Justin Timberlake

‘Wasted Time’ Keith Urban

Now go find the sun and the sand with a drink in your hand or at the very least color a palm tree picture for your desk.




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