Today I’m answering the burning beauty question I get time and time again.

How do you get your curls like that?

image1 (4)


  1. Conair 1.5” Curling Iron This brand works great with my hair.  The heat level is just enough to give me a long lasting curl and the size will achieve this type of curl.

  2. Redken Quick Dry 18 I tried this product on a whim a couple months ago and it has become my new staple. I love that it gives me some volume without making my hair ratty. It has the perfect balance to giving me enough hold to complete my look without weighing my hair down.

  3. Hair Clip. Yes. I still use this bad boy from the 90’s when I need to divide my hair. Hey if it works it works!


Pull up 2/3 of your hair into a clip. Divide your hair based on how much you have. I do mine in three layers, but you may find you need to divide it more or less.

P.S. Yes my hair is cut shorter on one side..I did that on purpose.


*Curling Tip: The key to a long lasting curl is to begin curling from the top of the hair down instead of starting from the bottom of the hair and curling up. This technique will allow you to curl the entire piece of hair fully so that heat is equally dispersed.

Flip your curling iron upside down. This will allow you to curl away from your face. Grabbing a piece of hair, clasp your curling iron at the top of the piece.

Move your curling iron slightly down the hair and then roll it back up to the top. Hold for only a few seconds. Holding too long will give you a crimp in the curl.

Continue sliding the curling iron down a bit farther each time and rolling it back up. Once you have reached the bottom of the hair THEN roll the entire strand up and hold for about 10 seconds.

*Curling Tip: Alternate directions between each piece you curl for a more natural look. I always curl away from my face on the piece closest to my face. Flip the curling iron right-side up to curl towards your face when need be.


Finish curling the remaining layers of your hair with this technique.


But wait! Don’t leave the house just yet!


Let’s give these curls a little shake for a fuller and softer look! Run your fingers through your hair for less structured curls.

Lastly complete with hair spray. Push your hair up slightly while you finish with hair spray for a fuller look.

Now out the door you go!



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