The rumors are true…

I’m Andrea and I’m a nail polish hoarder. The days that my nails aren’t painted are few and far between. Painted nails just make me happy people.

I know I’m not the only nail polish fanatic out there…so I’ve rounded up the latest brands in my collection for a little review session. I’m weighing in on the brands that keep ending up in my collection. Find out why I keep on buying it, but also why this brand may or may not be for you.


Sinful Colors

Why do I keep buy it? Let’s start with the obvious. The cost of this brand is a steal. It’s $2 (which is amazing for your wallet!) and the colors are pretty well diverse. If I want a color that’s a little out there or if I want to wear it only for a few days I might just grab this brand.

What’s the downfall? Remember if you’re paying $2 for nail polish the outcome is going to be no more than a $2 look. Don’t expect for this to last you an entire week without chipping (if fact it will only last about two days) and when you apply this brand it dries with a matte finish.  You’ll want a top coat for sure.  It’s not the most magical brand, but if you’re looking to not break the bank Sinful Colors might be for you. I also love buying this brand for my niece. She’s four and loves painted nails, but when you’re four you don’t need the fanciest polish. This brand is perfect to buy for the little kids.

Where can you find it? Target, Walgreens, Walmart


Why do I keep buying it? I tried this on a whim. I love the color above and I’m always looking for a nude polish that is opaque. I can’t stand it when light color nail polishes are so transparent. I’m just looking for that nail polish look that ever single girl on the bachelor has! (I know you’re thinking it too..). The brand has this touch and I love that.

What’s the downfall? It has about an average wear. You’ll still need a top coat, but I find that it lasts about four days before I’m taking it off.

Where can you find it? Ulta

Formula X

Why do I keep buying it? I stumbled across this brand because I saw another blogger wearing it and wanted to know if it was really all that great. It looked great, but I wanted to know if it is really worth the extra cost (it’s $12.50). I really love this brand! I love that the lighter colors are once again opaque and it will last about a week for me. I’m curious to try to the top coat to see if I can get an even longer lasting wear.

What’s the downfall? The price. If you’re not all that in love with painting your nails this one might not be for you. I’ll splurge more on this brand if I’m wanting a basic color that I like to last longer. That has been the deciding factor for me.

Where can you find it? Sephora


Why do I keep buying it? Nail salons use it so it has to be good right?  I haven’t really met an OPI nail polish I didn’t like except their lighter colors.  As you may have noticed now I love an opaque look and I haven’t found that yet in OPI.  However, I love ever other color. OPI is still a front runner. In fact as I’m writing this I’m wondering why I only have two bottles of OPI in my collection.  It’s long lasting (you’ll likely get a week out of it) and I love all of their red shades. I see why nail salons use it.

What’s the downfall? Likely the price. $10 a pop for this brand, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for long lasting and the perfect shade of red.

Where can you find it? Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Ulta


Why do I keep buying it? I ran across Essie in college when I realized this brand has every single color under the sun. I became obsessed with this brand . In fact for awhile it was the only brand I bought. Now I strictly buy Essie for the colors because they can be so unique.  I find myself waiting around for the next collection all the time. I also love that I can get mini versions of this brand so easily. The one pictured above is the perfect size for nail polish.

What’s the downfall? Although the colors are awesome, I don’t feel like the polish lasts for it’s price of $8.50. Sometimes I can hardly get it to last a week, but I’m still on the search for the perfect topcoat to get this brand to last longer for me. I likely won’t stop buying it, but I likely won’t stop trying other brands either.

Where can you find it? Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Ulta

Butter London

Why do I keep buying it? Okay so I’m completely guilty of buying this nail polish for the fact that they came out with a “royal” collection a couple years ago. Yes I really did want to wear ‘All Hail the Queen’ which really is a gorgeous nude color with some shimmer. This brand has a great base coat and top coat that I found helped last a week or longer.

What’s the downfall? The $$$$. This brand rounds in at $15-$18, which is a little too costly for me sometimes. I mean I love painting my nails, but I definitely don’t want to spend that much for nail polish unless it’s an amazing color.  This brand is a front runner, but I only find myself purchasing it when I find a color I can’t live without wearing.

Where can you find it? Ulta, Sephora

And just for kicks my tips when it comes to painting your nails:

-Use a q-tip for ease of cleaning up any extra nail polish that didn’t end up on your nail.

-Always do two thin coats! Globbing on your nail polish in one coat will get you nowhere except having to redo it again because it starts to smudge. Patience my friends.

-If you need your nails to dry faster stick them in the freezer quick. The cold air will help them harden.

-If your polish is getting goopy (yes you know what that means), pour in just the slightest amount of nail polish remover and shake the bottle. Surprisingly the nail polish remover helps to thin out the polish and makes your favorite color last just a little bit longer.

And I’ll leave you with this..

A woman is only helpless when her nail polish is drying. #wedeservsesometimeforourselves







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