For a week and a half I dated Chile…aren’t we adorable together?!


Then we had to break up (but I don’t want to talk about that part). I ended up in Chile for a second time for work and was so happy to be back in this long and skinny country.

The reasons why I adore this place.

The People. Chileans are some of the kindest and caring people I have ever met. From my coworkers to strangers on the streets, I have yet to meet a person that wasn’t respectful. I am so lucky to have made some amazing Chilean friends.


The Vino. I think the moment I truly fell in love with Chile was when I found out that it is the motherland of wine. A way to a women’s heart is through kindness…but you know wine never hurt either. Way back when, many thought that Chile was the worst place in the world to grow grapes. To their surprise, Chile’s climate and land proved to be the perfect home for grapes. More on this later..


The Food. I swear every day consisted of where should we go to eat for the next meal. From delicious steaks to seafood to giant Chilean sandwiches, there wasn’t a dish that was disappointing.

The Land. With the Andes Mountains on the right and the South Pacific on the left, you’re going to wonder if you’re living in some sort of paradise. You’re likely to never be bored here.  And if for some odd reason you find yourself with nothing to do, just remember there is always wine.


South Pacific

Although I was working most of the time, I did manage to squeeze in some fun while I was there. I was determined to see this country, even if it meant working late nights. On every work trip I always go the extra mile to see the land.

One late afternoon we drove the short distance to the shore.

It. Was. Breathtaking.



image1 (1)


The water was chilly (see what I just did there..), but that didn’t stop this Wisconsin lady from getting her feet wet.


Remember when I said the way to a women’s heart was kindness and wine…turns out the view of a rocky shore is also on the list. I think I could have stayed here the rest of my life. It was perfect and I felt perfect with it.


Speaking of wine..there was no way I was going to leave Chile without a little wine tasting.

wine tasting 7

We made a quick pit stop at Casas Del Bosque winery for a tour and tasting.

chile winery

We soaked in as much wine knowledge as we could. Did you know when the wine is fermenting in the barrels that they crank up techno music?! Yes. I’m talking some David Guetta tunes. It’s believed that the upbeat music helps in the fermenting process (in ways only a winemaker can understand). A few of Casas Del Bosque’s bottles will surely get you dancing…

Or bread stick fighting for the next glass…I adore my fun loving coworker Lizeth.

wine tasting 6

From their signature jalapeno flavored Sauvignon Blanc to their premium rich berry Cabernet, our bellies were certainly happy..and our teeth were greatly stained.

wine tasting

On our drive back to the city we stopped into Emiliana, an organic vineyard, for a little peak at their signature way of creating wine. This winery uses a variety of unique plants as well as lavender to stick to it’s organic ways.

image2 (3)

Alas the trip came to an end. Chile you were but a mini dream come true. I’ve been on many trips and on the last day I am always ready to be back to my normal life. When it came time to leave this land, I was not ready. I could have stayed for more.

Step one: Brush up on my Spanish.

Step two: Move to Chile

I miss you still. Until next time..




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