||PACKING TRICKS (Not a love story)

Disclaimer: Packing is no delight for me…

Honestly is there a person out there that actually likes to pack?  I’d be dying to meet he or she if there really is a person out there!  I think we would become friends. After all opposites attract sometimes don’t they?! I’ve been traveling consistently for about three and a half years because of my job.  Fun fact: The first time I flew on an airplane I was 21 (I’m 26 now)! I had to make a mad dash to Arizona to help out my sister and I had to take the journey all alone. I thought I was going to puke before I got to the airport…but I made it there and back just fine. I think back and laugh. I love flying now and heck I even love hanging at the airport.  I honestly go through withdrawals sometimes if it’s been too long. 

Well enough with the story telling and back to the reason I created this post. As I said, I have pretty consistent travel now because of my job. Thus, even though I hate packing, I have discovered some pretty handy packing tips I want to share.  These tricks always seem to make for a little less hassle when I’m on the go.  And though I’m supposed to be filling up my luggage for my trip to Santiago right now, I’ve decided blogging about packing is clearly a winner over actually packing.

image1 (1)

Here we go…my five essential tricks.

  1. Roll with it. I’m talking about with your clothes. You want to save space? You want to save some time ironing out wrinkled clothes? Then rolling them is the way to go. I’ve been doing this simple trick for many years. If there is one thing you should take away from this post it’s to roll your clothes in your suitcase. You’ll thank me later.

image2 (1)

2. Let’s keep things clean.  Covering your shoes is a must. I use a plastic zipped bag to store my shoes in my luggage. They are the perfect way to keep all the dirt off of my clothes.  I love these inexpensive shoe travel bags that come in every color under the sun! And perhaps your favorite pair would work perfect in this Kate Spade one!

image1 (2)

3. My next trick of the trade is packing a hat. I’m a hat lover. I remember buying my first fancy hat when I was 10 years old for a family vacation. So of course I love bringing them along when I travel now. The trick to packing a hat is filling the underside with clothes (I like to use a long rolled up cardigan). Then place your remaining clothes around the brim. Ta da! Crises averted. You can now fashionably enjoy the sun on your vacation.

4. Jewelry rolls. Ever heard of these magical delights?! I love my jewelry as much as my hats, so that too goes with me wherever I venture as well. A jewelry roll is the ideal way to keeping your jewelry tangle free and break free. This one from Stella and Dot is my absolute favorite! It stores a variety of pieces and the center roll is removable for when I need I only need to bring along a few pieces. Find this blue ikat one here.

image1 (2)

5. Raise your hand if you love digging through your bags to find your charger or headphones..yes I thought so. I find one of the easiest way to store these items is in a sunglass/eyeglass case.  For one thing I always know where to find it and also it’s much easier to throw in my purse.  If you want extra points, tie a hair binder around them to keep them in place.

image2 (4)

Alright it looks like I’m feeling extra generous today! Here are some bonus tips I also love to do.

*Add a bounce sheet to your luggage/shoe bags for fresh smelling clothes and shoes after that long flight.

*Use contact case containers for a compact way of storing liquids.

*Download the app “Wanderlist” for an easy way to remember all the items you need. This app allows you create multiple list and also it dings when you check off the item. I mean who doesn’t love a cheerful ding when you complete something!

Thanks for tuning in to another Miss Red Blog post.  Now where is my wine?? The packing must finally begin…





2 thoughts on “||PACKING TRICKS (Not a love story)

  1. Very nice post. I like the idea of sticking clothes inside of the hat. I will be definitely copying that one from you to save me some space. When I travel, what helps me Is carrying shoes that will go with multiple outfits. Being a shoe lover sometimes I want to take a lot of shoes with me whenever I go.

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