Just me. On your average Wednesday…


So you want to do yoga now do you?? Ahhh yes. I thought so.

Yoga has become my place to escape to. I find myself cutting my mind off from every problem or situation that I may be encountering in my life and just focusing on the beauty of relaxing (and the added bonus of a workout!). I’m sorry, but whoever said that yoga doesn’t count as working out clearly thought they were too good to try it. Oh please show me how you can do crow pose and go into a headstand. I’d love to see you do that…

P.S. Seriously I can’t, but I want to be able to do this one day…I did manage to do a headstand in front of a class of 40 (my instructor may have pulled me up in front of the class…thank you Laura!).

Alright, so not every pose has to be that intense. What I love the most about yoga is you get whatever it is that you’re looking for.  You want relaxation. Done. Stretching? You bet. Ripped arms and buns of steel? Yoga has a way.  It’s versatile and caters to whatever I am feeling I need that day.

I definitely don’t know everything there is to know about yoga, but I love soaking up as much as I can about it. My hairstylist just recently broke my heart by telling me she’s leaving to become a certified yoga instructor.  My hairs were instantly in shock and yet my mind said “Dude! Another person to teach me the ins and outs of yoga. Yes!.”

Lately I have received so many comments about how amazing it must be that I live so close to a winery that offers a yoga session once a week (and once a month on a Saturday with brunch and mimosas!).  I won’t lie. It has become by favorite thing to look forward to during the week and it’s nothing short of amazing.  However, I can’t always enjoy the blissfulness of yogaing (yes I think I just made that word up) in the vineyard.  Unfortunately I haven’t had the best of luck finding classes during the week where I live.  So to save my body and mind, I started compiling apps, videos, poses and websites that could help me do yoga in the comfort of my home (or my backyard!).

So my gift to you…

Apps for Yoga

POPSUGAR Active (Free)

This app offers 50+ yoga workouts and easily navigates you to whichever type of yoga workout you’re looking for. I find myself using the full body workouts, but the stress and back relief categories are also a favorite.  The workouts typically range from 10 mins to 30 mins which is great for those who want a quick, but effective workout.  What I love the most about this app though is that it gives you the ability to download the workouts straight to your device.  This is perfect when I’m on the go or want to do yoga outside.

Yoga Studio ($3.99)

This app includes 71 yoga classes so you’re definitely getting your bang for buck here. It offers a variety of classes based on your experience or concerns.  The classes range anywhere from 10 mins to 60 mins. They are very easy to follow if you’re a beginner.  Each classes details out the poses it will be taking you through by including a description, the benefits, and modifications/advanced variations.  All in all, this has definitely been worth the $3.99 from my bank account.  Finding your bliss shouldn’t be expensive!

Yoga Instructors

Tara Stiles

I discovered yogi Tara Stiles about a month ago.  Tara gives you multiple classes through social media which has clearly become an effective way for me to practice yoga. Once again she offers a variety of yoga workouts bases on your needs and experience. Visit her website and YouTube channel below for more.

Tara Stiles YouTube Channel


Kino MacGregor

Now this woman has talent. Kino specializes in Ashtanga Yoga which focuses on a synchronized breath while taking on intense and long last poses.  She has written three books and has six DVDs dedicated to ashtanga yogo.  If you’re looking to start just the basics though visit her YouTube channel for some great videos.

Kino Yoga YouTube Channel


Websites for Everything Yoga

Yoga Journal yogajournal.com

The original hub for everything yoga. If you really want to get sucked into learning all about yoga, then here is your haven. Yoga Journal offers everything from yoga courses, meditation, yoga in your lifestyle, and even an entire section dedicated to just the basics of yoga.  You can spend hour upon hours on this website discovering.

Do You Yoga doyouyoga.com

This website not only includes poses and sessions, but keys you in on the latest in the yoga practice.  I find myself scrolling through their posts and learning so much about poses and why you may want to try them. Their posts provide some interesting incites into the world of yoga and how the practice can cope with more than just a working out.

My yoga style is thanks to Old Navy Active. Links below!

T-Strap Tank (In Ultraviolet)

Compression Crops (In Graffiti)

Go-Dry V-Back Long Sleeve Top (In Bright White)

Lastly, a few of my favorite yoga mats below.

Gaiam Yoga Mat 1

Gaiam Yoga Mat 2

Calia by Carrie Yoga Mat

Photography Credits: Lindsay Aschenbrener


Namaste…for now.



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