||Workout Duds

Over the past few months I decided that the old tanks and t-shirts I had been wearing to workout in were far past their lifetime  It was time to go shopping for some appropriate workout gear.  I have an extremely hard time paying a boatload of money for it though. I can’t justify spending $30 on just one tank. I can’t do it people.


Have no fear. Old Navy Active to the rescue! Inexpensive and cute as all get out.  You have my heart Old Navy. Also Old Navy Active is now on sale! Jackpot.

Old Navy Go-Dry T-Strap Tank (In Gray/White) I really want one of these in every color..

Go-Dry Cool Compression Crop Leggings

I also have this tank in mint which is perfect for yoga and also this long sleeved keyhole top which is super lightweight.

However, I do love my Victoria’s Secret sports bra.  This one is so lightweight and comes in every color and pattern under the sun.

Lightweight by Victoria’s Secret (In Hello Lovely)   

Lastly, my infused pale pink water bottle you can find here.




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