It’s Sunday. I’m seven and I’m at my grandparents house patiently waiting to read the funnies in the newspaper. My favorites: Pickles, The Family Circus and Peanuts of course. I’m belly up to the breakfast table giggling away with my sisters.

Perhaps that’s where it all started. My love for laughter. Laughter makes you younger. Laughter makes even the worst days just a smidge better. Laughter is what I want every day of my life.


Thus for you enjoyment here are some outtakes from my photo shoot by Lindsay yesterday where I tried to do my best Mary Poppins. This one below took the cake, however there were many other that came in at a close second!


We may have eventually popped the umbrella up, but my hair shows testament to just how windy it was yesterday!  Also isn’t small town Galesville straight up adorable.








I’m so glad the couple in the back got coffee and a show for their morning!! The sweet owners of Jackie O’s told me later that they peaked out the window to watch and that apparently I resembled a young Mary Tyler Moore.  Now that’s a compliment I’ll gladly accept!

*Photography Credits: Lindsay Aschenbrener

Have a happy Sunday and keep on chuckling.



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