Happy Saturday Folks!!

So sorry  I got carried away these last couple weeks with the hustle and bustle of spring and March that caused no posts for a bit. I’m also sorry I disturbed the woman enjoying her coffee while I posed for this photo this morning.  She might think I’m a bit loony, but Lindsay and I were cracking up so much during this shoot. It’s windy as all get out today and not to mention it was sleeting/snowing this morning, but that didn’t stop us from being ridiculous.


March is always a crazy busy time for me.  The snow starts to melt for spring activities, my work travel kicks up, and then there’s my birthday of course (which I like to make an all week event out of with my amazing friends and family if I can…). I ended up in Dallas and Florida two weeks ago for some nice warm weather and I’m so excited to say I’ll be going back to Santiago, Chile for work in a month!  I can’t wait to share with you the delights of Chile! The people are so kind and the wine is fabulous! Stay tuned.

Now let’s talk about something classic. The striped top.


For those who already seem to know my style, you’ll gather that this piece is versatile and that’s why I love it.  I’m a firm believer that every lady should have a striped top. Whether it be a tee, a tank, or a sweater you’ll find yourself pretty much wearing it all throughout the year.  I’ll wear it alone, but I mostly love pairing it with a classic tan jacket, a blazer, a scarf, or a sparkly necklace.



I know stripes often give a straight up nautical feel which for some can be a turn off, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be on a boat to wear it (though I’ll gladly accept an offer for anybody that would like to take me out on a boat!).  My advice to you for less nautical: Play the look up with something unexpected…hence my Limonada Nickel and Suede Earrings (they are on sale for $18 this whole month people!). Neutrals balance well with stripes, but don’t be afraid to add a bright color.

I practically freaked when Lindsay and I decided to shoot at Jackie O’s Coffee House here in small town Galesville, WI. The colors surrounding this building are stunning and oddly enough meshed perfectly with this look. The teal drew to me especially with the stripes. They are still in the same color family, but are so much more fun than navy. Like my earrings it was so unexpected, but nonetheless perfect.


Then this teal door got me thinking…


My readers need some unexpected items that I can I find for your striped top. Just call me your personal shopper.

Ready. Set. Shop!

Starting with my favorite: Nickel and Suede Gypsy Teal Earrings

This mint tulle skirt

These mustard high waist shorts

This lace blush midi skirt

These distressed mint skinny jeans or guava pixie pants!

This ocean spray green rain anorak jacket

These neon yellow sandals

Now back to the classics. Find my favorite neutral pieces below to pair with your stripes.

This ruffled anorak jacket

This classic trench coat

This white open front blazer

This gray statement necklace and this sparkly one!

Last but not least..my few favorite striped tops!

long sleeved

oversized tee

boat neck three quarter tee

v-neck tee

||Style Details

Old Navy Striped Lightweight Sweater//Old Navy Skinny Jeans//Old Navy Booties//Victoria’s Secret Khaki Anorak Jacket//Nickel and Suede Leather Earrings//2 Chic Scarf

Confession: My famous striped long sleeve sweater in this look I actually bought in the girls section of Old Navy in an XXL….Not sorry about it! It’s so darn comfy and surely made all my friends laugh when I told them. You do what you gotta do for the right look.

Thanks to Lindsay Aschenbrener for one comical shoot this morning! Come back tomorrow from some rather funny outtakes of me doing my best Mary Poppins.


Photography Credits: Lindsay Aschenbrener



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