I love mixing in masculine pieces with my feminine wardrobe.  To me it’s a little twist on an outfit that one might not expect. Sometimes it’s a crisp button down white shirt or a long black blazer. But my favorite piece to wear is an army jacket.

Army Jacket Look 1

I fell in love with this green jacket that has a touch of lace. I love how unexpected the lace makes it and how it side zips.  It was right up my alley. Versatile to say the least. You can wear an army jacket with just about anything.  It becomes an easy way to dress down an outfit. It’s a classic item that I don’t mind spending a little extra on because I know I will wear it until it’s falling apart.


Pale pink has become a staple color for me to wear. I love how blush tones look with my ivory skin. A little tip for all my fair ladies..blush is our friend! The pale pink pants I paired with my army jacket aren’t for everyone, but I love how it offsets the masculine structure of the jacket.


Ironically enough my mother would always have me wear purple or hot pink jeans when I was younger and I hated it! Perhaps she was preparing me for my future self who would come to love a good colored pant.  But if pink pants are just too much for you to handle, I recommend a pretty accent.  Whether it be earrings, a necklace, or a clutch, it’s a great start if you want to try this look.

Army Jacket Look 2

||Style Details

Francesca’s Army Jacket//TJ Maxx Jeans//Target V-Neck Tee//Crown Vintage Booties//Nickel and Suede Leather Earrings//Express Clutch

Links Below. Happy Shopping.

Francesca’s Lace Army Jacket

Similar Pale Pink Jeans

Target V-neck Tee

Nickel and Suede Leather Earrings-OLM Blush (Grab them while they are still on sale!)

P.S. The braid I styled is a dutch fishtail braid…more on that later.

Photography Credits: Lindsay Aschenbrener



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