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I used to hardly ever wear makeup.  I grew up on a farm.  I was too busy scraping my knees and accidentally stepping in cow crap to care to look in the beauty department.  I discovered makeup and beauty products from watching my sisters. ‘What’s this madness they’re using?’, I used to think. We would have fun with it together (and by that I mean my sister used to take my mother’s lipstick and draw clown lips on me…). Overtime I discovered that I enjoyed a little glam into my every day life. For some it doesn’t matter. For me it makes me feel playful. It’s a little delight of mine.

I have my go-to products just like others.  You won’t see me dawning a bold lip on your average Tuesday. I can’t pull that off like some. 

I have my basics and my favorites that I use all the time.

*moisturizer (no thank you dry, flaky skin)

Rodan + Fields Soothe Moisture Replenish Creme


Within the last three months I started using Rodan+Fields in hopes for a clearer complexion. Let me tell you. I’m smiling all the time for how happy my skin is (thank you Laura!).  I use the Unblemish regimen and also this amazing moisturizer from their Soothe collection. I love how lightweight it is and it makes your face feel like it’s brand new. I use it at night and in the morning every day.

*light coverage foundation, subtle blush, and a pretty eye shadow

BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation  (also find it at Ulta and Sephora)

I’m pale. I don’t have that perfect olive skin tone like my best friend. Having ivory skin means you have some lovely redness that’s always just there, so I like to use a light coverage.  Also this way I still don’t cover up my freckles! I want it to look natural.  I’m slowly coming around to hopefully feeling like I don’t have to wear foundation thanks to R+F, but for now I love my BareMinerals.

MAC Mineralize Blush-Warm Soul (also find it at Macy’s)

I’ll admit it.  I love that whole ‘my cheeks look like I’m blushing over JJ Watt’ kind of look. (Yes folks. I’m fond of other Wisconsinites…and men who know are obsessed with football.)  A subtle little glow on my cheeks never hurt anybody.  MAC’s mineralize blush in warm soul is just enough hint of pink with a slight bronze that doesn’t overpower my ivory skin.

MAC Eye Shadow-Shale  (also find it at Macy’s)

I love to play up my eyes. They are one of my favorite features, besides my dimples.  Once I tried MAC eye shadow, I haven’t used any other kind it seems. I especially love pairing this color shale with whichever mascara I’m trying out. It accents my brown eyes and pairs perfectly with other brown and pale pink eye shadows that I like to use with it. For those who can’t get enough of eye shadow I recommend MAC. I also love using their quads!

*tools (the ones I can’t get enough of)


Real Techniques Powder Brush

I use this brush with my BareMinerals.  It’s been one of my favorite powder brushes.  It applies just enough powder and the bristles are still soft as ever after using it for months.

BareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

I have probably four of these laying around.  I could go on and on about how amazing this little tool is, but here’s what I’m going to say.  I have four of them so what does that tell you…go out and buy one!  I use this with my BareMinerals to cover any blemish I may have or just a bit of redness by my nose.  I sometimes just use this brush with my BareMinerals for the only coverage on my face because it’s that amazing.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Lash Curler

If you show an eye lash curler to any man he will likely look at you like you are nuts. I’m here to tell you ladies we all have a little crazy in us, but you’d be crazy not to use an eye lash curler if your a fan of ‘look at me’ lashes.  I use it before I apply my mascara or just alone on days that I don’t feel like wearing make-up.  I just press it quick three times for nicely turned up lashes.

*painted nails (because my nails are always painted..always.)

Nail Polish

Formula X-Intensity

This brand is new to me. I mean really new. No seriously I just tried it out two days ago and had no idea what I was missing out on for my nails.  It’s already going to be a go-to for me.  Such a pretty shade of pink and I can’t wait to try every other color.

And just an added bonus, a few makeup bags you’re going to want…

‘maybe it’s an Instagram filter’ makeup case

‘Stella & Dot’ Beauty Bag

and this one just made me giggle..




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