When nature and fashion come together, it can be a beautiful thing.


For some, pairing up colors is simple. For others, it’s as messy as mixing paint. While searching for a spot to take some snaps of my faux fur vest (which I’m completely obsessed with), I realized this field of cattails paired up perfectly with my look.


It’s so simple.  It’s likely staring at you in the face each day. The colors of nature can become a vision for fashion, design, decor, or whatever you please.  The beauty is already there.  It’s a perfect paint palette you don’t have to buy.  It was made to express colors in the most pure way.



Whether it’s a field, the sky, mountains, or the sea, use it as inspiration. Snap a photo. Jot down the colors and discover new combinations you’ve never thought of before.


I am constantly answering the questions “What colors should I use?” or “Do these colors even go together?”. May the colors of nature become a simple way to capture the look and feel you’re wanting.

||Style Details

Charming Charlie Faux Fur Vest//Uniqlo Trench Jacket//Nickel and Suede Leather Earrings//Kate Spade Watch

Links below.

Faux Fur Vest and some others I love… click here and here.

Similar Riding Boots

Nickel and Suede Luxe Linen Leather Earrings (Size Medium)

Classic Neutral Kate Spade Watch (mine is out of stock)

(Fun Fact: The ring on my ring finger I made from 2 earrings I had.)

Photography Credits to Lindsay Aschenbrener

Have a beautiful weekend.



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