|| Jewelry Storage

Over the past few years I started hoarding jewelry…

jewelry storage

I wanted to find and create unique ways to store my crown jewels (minus the crown).  I also wanted to be able to display all my gems as if they were literally a statement piece of the room.

Every morning I would pour all my stud earrings out of a jar and shuffle through them to decide which ones to wear. It was not ideal and it was messy (no thank you). I finally stumbled upon what happened to be an old jewelry storage box (thank you antique shops!) for all my stud earrings. Classic. Beautiful. Practical. (just what I like)

earring storage

I fancied up an old deer shed (sorry hunters) with metallic spray paint I found at Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love this gold foil spray paint (in fact I painted all my desk supplies with it…no joke). Find it here. Ring holder. Done.

I love having little trays or jars laying around to throw random things in. I discovered that old crystal candle holders (one tipped upside down) served as a fabulous spot for all the randoms. Thanks to goodwill and a quick coat of gold foil spray paint, they look glamorous without breaking the bank.

jewelry trays.jpg

The candlesticks also proved to be the perfect bracelet holder. (Side note: The shelf is an old beekeeper box!)

2016-02-03 16.51.35

2016-02-03 16.53.03.jpg

Last up to bat…a spot for my necklaces and all those dangle earrings. Every time someone sees this hanging on my wall they immediately want one. I ran across this from a sale post online and it was definitely worth the $20. I only wish the lady who sold it to me had an Etsy shop because she would make a killing off of these. I don’t remember her name, but I hope she continues to sell these. Perhaps a DIY post needs to happen for this one.

jewelry holder

2016-02-03 16.59.41

May your jewelry stay fabulous looking on you and off you.



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