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||Rosé Monday

Calling all locals!! Let’s wine and chill.

A blizzard is coming to town! And in miss red fashion, it’s bringing Rosé Monday with it! So grab your cheese, grab your blanket, and your glass of wine.  It’s time to read up on one my favorite wine finds!

Elmaro Winery

I love local treasures. Whether it’s a shop, restaurant, food, or drink, I enjoy supporting the local dives. One of my favorite spots to be is just a seven minute drive away, Elmaro Winery.  It’s home of these three gems above (and many more!).  I take them literally when they say “Your Napa Valley, Close to Home”.

Nestled in Trempealeau, WI, the views here are nothing short of dreamy.

Elmaro Vineyard

Their delicious take on grapes varies from sweets to drys with everything in between. You really can’t go wrong. ‘Edelweiss’ is the perfect take on semi-sweet for all you white wine lovers, while the ‘Marquette’ has a smokey/red berry flavor that red wine connoisseurs will surely enjoy. For those who just can’t make up their wine mind, ‘Rosa’ is the ideal combination for a sweet-red drink.  It’s a fan favorite for many who visit.

I’ve never met an Elmaro wine I didn’t like, but I do have bottles I admire…

The ‘The Fire of 1888 Reserve’ stole my heart from the first sip, while the ‘2014 Marquette Rosé’ comes in at a very close second.

For more of their tasty bottles, visit here.

As if producing wines aren’t enough, this vineyard is constantly hosting events. Once a week I do yoga taught by winemaker Laura where I can enjoy the view of the grapes and calm my body and mind (not to mention the winery then stays open until nine!). From Saturday sounds by local musicians in the crush pad to fox trot dance lessons and wine classes for beginners, this vineyard threw boredom straight out the door.  It’s the absolute perfect spot to treat my family and friends.

Elmaro Winery

For all you non locals, Elmaro can ship to the follow:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Wisconsin, and Illinois

Should you not be the lucky winner of these 10 locations above, I hope you find yourself lost in Wisconsin so you may one day savor this daily delight (and I mean that from the bottom of my wine heart!).

May your glass be full!





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