We’ve got a lot of RED here on the blog today!

Arcadia, WI

Population: 2,925

Number of women posing in front of a brick building and the main railroad: 1


Growing up I wasn’t necessarily shy, but I didn’t have the highest amount of confidence. It wasn’t until I went to college that I started to step out of my shell. In the last few years I really threw my timid attitude out the window and exchanged it for sassiness, confidence and wittiness. Maybe it’s because of my red hair…I don’t know. Or maybe it was just because I wanted to be the person that I am.

The girl that poses in a small town in a bright red coat while the people in their cars and trucks drive by and stare at her…


They likely think I’m a traveler just passing by, but I’m not. Or perhaps maybe they just thing I’m nuts. I never thought I would be living only an hour and a half from my hometown.  I thought for sure I’d be whisked away by some big city. It’s not to say it won’t happen in the future, but I enjoy living in the boonies and working in a small town for now.  It’s a perk that I travel a lot for my job to see those cities. The company I work for is huge. In fact there are more people that work for the company then that live in Arcadia. So even though it’s a small town, there are still a ton of people roaming around.

I literally laughed and said to Lindsay (my lovely photographer), “People are totally staring at me right now all confused. Should I just wave at them?!”


I’ve accepted the fact that people will always make comments to me about my style while I continue to live in the middle of nowhere. (I know some days I can be super dressy! I do it on purpose!). And although I hope they will always be positive, let’s be real, most of them won’t be (but that’s okay!). I will likely encounter this so as long as I choose to live here, but I do things that make me happy.  Sometimes it’s not always about the happiness of others.  Sometimes it’s about what makes YOU happy.


The moral of this post is to be who you are. Love who you are. It’s easier said than done. However, I’ve realized in the last year once I learned to love myself and who I am that my happiness grew.  It won’t happen overnight, but when it does it’s a joy.

Be the girl in the red coat.


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Similar Anne Klein pumps

Photography Credits to Lindsay Aschenbrener



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