Bravo! Congratulations!

You’ve made it through another Monday in your life. And in your honor we’re celebrating the first “Rosé Monday”!

Definition of Rosé Monday:

1. A completely made up holiday celebrated on the worst day of the week (that’s Monday by the way…), which I use as an excuse to share anything related to my favorite drink (that’s wine by the way…).

So let’s get started. Welcome my fellow followers (and winos I hope!). Before I begin sharing my wine finds, let’s begin with an inspirational saying….

Inspirational Saying.jpg

Now don’t we all feel better. To mark this first Rosé Monday, I’m going to share with you my favorite spot in the house. You guessed it. The wine bar.

2016-01-25 16.33.15

And there she is. Dressed to the nines as usual. Six months ago I moved in with a friend Sarah so I could live in the country again. Her house is adorable and the best part is she lets me design just about everything. This gem was a team effort though. Both being farmer’s daughters we had this same idea to go on the search for a giant rusty, beautiful windmill for above the wine bar. If you know anything about antiquing, you know these are not easy to find.  In fact if you do get your hands on one you’re likely paying a pricey penny. Just when we thought all hope was lost, my roommate’s grandpa came to the rescue. Who knew this beauty was just laying around in his garage!  We practically forced Sarah’s boyfriend to hang it up one night and I think he rather enjoyed two women ordering him around.

The bar itself is an old cedar chest I found at a the local antique shop here in Galesville called ‘The Treasure Chest’. Once I saw the gold detailing on it there was no going back. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a slight infatuation to anything gold.

Exhibit B

Wine Rack

Shiny gold wine rack. Always a necessity. Unfortunately Target no longer makes this one but you can find a similar style here and another here if you’re looking for one covered in gold.

Your wine bar cannot be complete without wine glasses. My brother-in-law is a wine connoisseur practically. I always enjoy learning wine tidbits from him.  One day I hope to have the fancy shmancy wine glasses he uses, but for now I love my Ikea ones. The red ones are my favorite. $1.99 Bob! Find them here.



Also if you’re in need of a tray to give your bar an extra polished look, I love this one and of course this hammered gold one. Hold up! This gold ice bucket may have to end up on the bar as well.

But alas, the night is winding down and so is my glass of wine.

Enjoy one last look at my prized possessions.

2016-01-25 17.55.47

Tune in for next week’s Rosé Monday for more of my wine finds.

Cheers all!



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