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One of my greatest delights is living in a place with seasons.  I tried living in Arizona once. We didn’t mesh well. Great for a visit for me, but not so great for me to live there. Wisconsin can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to weather, but for those who enjoy style it’s a jackpot.

You get to go from this..


to this…


Okay the first picture is from the Cayman Islands (more on that later), but you get the idea.  Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, I very much enjoy styled up looks. I like to think at least the deer will enjoy my fashion sense if nobody else does! One of my favorite pieces to wear this chilly season has been my blanket scarf.  It’s been so practical to wear outside, indoors and when I’m on the plane for work.  I also love that it goes with everything. I’m a stickler for neutrals!



Side note: Sisters are great for swapping our designer handbags. Thanks for the borrow Liz!


Photo credits to my friend Lindsay Aschenbrener! Links below. Happy Shopping!

Brooklyn Boucle Plaid Scarf

similar Michael Kors satchel

similar Express side zip jacket

matte gold leather earrings



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